"....We have no doubt that the colourful and outstanding performance of the group added immensely to the special atmosphere of the Festival (Vocal Music-Neveh Tsedek) and contributed greatly to the Festival's success."
Dani Weiss, Tel-Aviv-Yaffo-Municipality,
Culture and Performance Dept.
"....Many thanks for contributing such joy to the holiday atmosphere.Your performance was a delightful experience."
 Helen Melpomene Brown and Ambassador Brown, Embassy of the United States of America
"....the refreshing combination of the lovely playing,the outstanding performance and the stage acting truly gave us here a wonderful holiday atmosphere and a feeling of entertainment plus."
     Mali Tabor, Gan Hair - Performance Dept.
"....much imagination in the creation of the costumes and attention to every detail and mannerism."
Michal Biron "Tzomet Hasharon" (newspaper)
"....their playing is delightful and captures the heart."
Tali Yaron, Organizer of Musical Performances
"....professional musicians who,for the first time bring Baroque music to the local entertainment scene....whoever invites them to their home will feel like a king."
Sima Elah  "Yediot Achronot" (newspaper)
"....Your professional performance and charming appearance brought uniqueness and originality to our functions."
The Israeli Institute of Public Opinion Review
"...Your appearance at Beit Bialik left a lasting impression on everyone."
Ayelet Bitan Schlonsky, Director of Beit Bialk
'...We thank you for your lovely appearance at Rischon-le-Zion's Cultural Center."
Ehud Gross, Director of Rischon's Cultural Center
"...Your appearance on Channel Two gave the event a special magic. We enjoyed it very much."
Nachman Schai, Director of Channel Two

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